Functions and Missions

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I. Functions

VMMU is a unique medical facility directly belong to Ministry of National Defence that has three political core missions: to train medical and pharmaceutical officers at various grades ranging from primary level to graduated and post graduated level for Vietnamese army and citizen organizations; to perform clinical treatment and to do science research, especially in military medical fields.

II. Missions

1. Education and Training

1.1. Graduated grade

- Full-term military medical doctor: 6,5 years

- Full-term military pharmacist: 5,5 years

- Military medical doctor for local-rank army units: 4 years

- Medical doctor for local-rank areas: 4 years

- Reserved military medical and pharmaceutical officer: 5 months

- Full-term medical doctor: 6 years

- Training-appointed medical doctor for Tay Nguyen area: 7 years.

1.2. Diploma

- Diploma of Nursing: 4 years

- Diploma of medical technique: 3 years

1.2. Post-graduated grade

- Master (since 1991): 2 years

- Ph.D. (since 1979): 4 years

- Medical Specialist level 1 (since 1974): 2 years

- Medical specialist level 2 (since 1976): 2 years

- Resident medical doctor: 3-4 years

- Oriental specialist.

- Empowered training for local medical doctor.

1.3. Primary and secondary training

- Secondary-grade nurse training: 30 months

- Interval secondary-grade nurse training: 18 months

- Secondary-grade pharmacist training: 18 months

- Interval secondary-grade pharmacist training: 18 months

- Primary-grade nurse training: 9 months

- Fundamental nurse training: 6 months

- Nursing specialist: 6 months

2. Research

2.1. Research trends

- Military medicine

- Fundamental medicine

- Clinical medicine

2.2. Research fields

- Military medicine

- Advanced modern medicine

- Combination of both fields

2.3. Prominent fields of research

- Tissue grafting, organ transplantations:

+Kidney transplantation in 1992, Liver transplantation in 2004, heart transplantation in 2010.

+Skin, fibroblast, keratinocyte grafting (since 1998)

+Stem cell in 2005

- Drug producing researches

+ To develop medical products from medicinal plants and animals, culture Ngoc Linh ginseng by plant cell biomass technology (2008)

Assisted Fertilization

+IVF technique in 2001

+Culture of spermatozoa in 2006

3. Treatment

VMMU has two teaching hospitals (Military Hospital 103 and Le Huu Trac National Burn Institute) and 7 centres, which carry out these missions:

Performing health check up and treatment due to appointed-level duties.

Guaranteeing health condition for soldiers and citizens.


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