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1. Graduate training

Aiming to develop the university to be revolutionized, professionalized, science-based and step-by-step modernized, being a centre of high quality in training, research and treatment in military and in Vietnam. VMMU has well fulfilled all contents, tasks in training and education for graduate level: student enrolment; teaching, leaning and examination plan; methodology; education management; curriculum development; training regulation; student management; faculty development.

- VMMU has completely constructed and standardized aims, curriculum, training and education management for 11 categories and programme. The training programmes are essential, systematic and updated comprising medical ethics, knowledge on social and humanities; inter-connected between medicine and pharmacy and special characteristics of military medicine; focuses in talented student training (resident doctor programme). The programmes are constructed as module-based ones that make learner accumulate knowledge and skill easily.

- Standardization of lecturers: completed set of lecturer requirements, procedure for selection, training and approval of lecturer: professional knowledge, educational knowledge and skills, working experience (87% of lecturers have post-graduate degrees)

- Actively refresh the teaching and evaluation methods for improvement of quality of training: actively carried our active learning, student-centred teaching, clinical training methods, problem-based learning, and competence improvement, and applied of modern educational technology etc. The university conducted teaching contests among lecturers for improvement of teaching quality.

- Strictly followed training regulation; renovated testing and examination modes: applied MCQ test on computer and apply IT in management of examination and testing 

2. Post-Graduate training

Since 1974, the university started post-graduate training. The training activities have been carried out in accordant with approved plans. Completed and standardized the aims and training regulation for PhD, master, specialist level I, specialist level II, resident doctors. The credit system has been implemented for post-graduate trainings. Software “Post-graduate training management” has been developed. The faculty has been enlarged including permanent and adjunct lecturers.

3. Diplomas training

The school of secondary-grade military medical staff No.1 has trained more than 30,000 medical and pharmacy staffs, providing to military and the national health sector, and also for Laos and Cambodia. The school had done very well the research task, curriculum development, writing and editing teaching material to improve continuously the quality of training, quality of lecturers. To date, more than 80% of lecturers have graduate degrees, 25% have post-graduate degree. Many lecturers have been recognized as “Excellent teacher” and “Excellent physician”.

Having more than 47 years of establishment and development, the school of secondary-grade military medical staff No.1 has been given the title Hero of the People’s Armed Forces and many other honourable rewards. 



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