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VMMU is a big training, research and treatment of the military. Through the establishment and development process, scientific research activities of the university have gained pound achievements.

1. Science and technology research projects

The researches covered various areas with the following leading points:

1.1. Organ transplantation:

VMMU is the pioneering institution in Vietnam to do organ transplantation, performed successfully the first case of human kidney transplantation (1992), first case of human liver transplantation (2004) and the first case of human heart transplantation (2010) in Vietnam. Since then, the techniques have been being transferred to other medical institutions. Meanwhile, each year Hospital 103 performed dozens of kidney transplants together with other organs (kidney, liver, heart).

 The cluster of research projects on organ transplantation done by VMMU had been awarded with Ho Chi Minh Award on Science and Technology in 2005.

At the moment, the University is carrying out the research entitled “Study on aspects related to experimental pancreas transplantation leading to human pancreas transplantation in Vietnam” and started project “Study to perform simultaneously pancreas and kidney from brain death donor” targeting for successful human pancreas transplantation in 2014.

1.2. Biotechnology:

VMMU has successfully applied fibroblast and keratinocyte culture for wound and burn treatment.

Study on culturing and differentiation of sperm-forming stem cell for the treatment of men infertility. Together with Central Military Hospital 108 to apply autologous bone marrow stem cells for muscle, bone, joints which are difficult to heal.

In collaboration with Mekophar to establish a stem cell bank for banking of umbilical cord stem cells.

Studied to apply the in vitro fertilization and successfully performed IVF, sperm washing and storage techniques. Up to date, the centre for training and research on embryonic technology has brought happiness to more than 3,000 families by in vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction.

VMMU has success in production of some biological products such as application of PCR for diagnosis, vaccine production against respiratory tract infection, Pseudomona aerigunose antiserum and snake venom antiserum.

Study on genetic techniques, DNA testing for prenatal abnormality diagnosis, relative identification and forensic application. Set up bank of pathogenic species and gene bank of pathogens with more than 300 pathogens.

Successfully applied plan cell biomass technology for Ngoc Linh ginseng and some other medical plants. This is for the first time this technology being applied in Vietnam.

 1.3. Military medicine and pharmacy:

Developed and produced five military medicine equipments and supplied to military. At the moment, VMMU continues to produce more other products supplying for fighting readiness and national security. Implementing the project entitled “Development of military occupational medicine supporting for soldier’s health and fighting readiness”

 Products of these projects include drugs for burn treatment, medicine set content for fighting, improve some surgical team, development of self-applied tourniquet rope, fracture fixing frame etc. Complete a procedure of military medicine commanding, rescue, transportation of ill and injured soldiers during the inter-corp. missions for homeland protection.

The university has completed biotechnology project for national security purpose (2006-2010) with 7 sub-projects. Products produced by this project have served effectively for the training, research and treatment missions of VMMU.

Right now, VMMU is continuing to carry out project “Development of some biotechnology products for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment of soldiers and community” together with some other projects such as Study on measurements for prevention of heat shock for navy soldiers working long time at sea; Development of multiplex PCR for quick identification of anthrax and plague.

 Apart from those projects, new areas of researches are also carried out: Study on the effects of underwater working environments on soldier’s health and intervention measurements; carry out national projects on anti-climate changes and intervention measurements.

1.4. Preservation and development of traditional medicine:

Studied on application of acupuncture to anaesthesia for surgery and performed safely of about 10,000 cases. Patients under anaesthetic acupuncture recovered faster as no complication and side effects of anaesthesia drugs.

Development and production of some products from medicinal plants such as B76, Maduxin, Phylamin, CM2… Many products have been marketed widely and some were given exclusive intellectual property certificates such as Phylamin, Rotundin sulphate and given VIFOTEC innovation prize.

Results produced by research projects have been applied to treatment, education and training for social-economy development. Many research data have been published on international and national journals.

 2. Research in combination with training

Products produced by research projects have been applied for training such as a CD set of clinical surgical procedures; simulation in morphology training; e-book of Anatomy of circulation system, electronic Anatomy book, television technology in medical teaching and learning, solution for combination of ethical and medical education etc.

At the exhibition of application of informatics technology for training and education in 2008, VMMU products and solution were highly recognized by MoD then applied widely to other military institutions.

3. Students’ research activities

For the last 10 years, VMMU students and young lecturers have reported more than 400 research reports at the Youth Science and Technology Conferences and Student’s Research Conferences. 32 researches were reported at 5 Biannual National Medical and Pharmacy Youth Research Conferences, all of them were given prizes from the organizers.

In 2002, 2 researches were given 1st VIFOTEC Prize; 1 WIPO Prize the only one prize that WIPO gave to students in 2002. For many consecutive years, VMMU students were given the 1st prizes of Student Research Prize and VIFOTEC Prize.

VMMU always have highest number of students participate in research activities along the whole education system in Vietnam. For 13 years consecutively, VMMU was given merit from Ministry of Education and Training.

 4. Research related to treatment and demands from society

4.1. Research related to treatment:

The researches that VMMU done always linked with the needs for diagnosis and treatment such as anaesthetic acupuncture, application of endoscopic examination and treatment, vascular interventions, cancer treatment and other difficult diseases, rehabilitation for injured soldiers etc. These researches have contributed to identification of diseases and saved many patients.

4.2. Research related to demands from society:

VMMU always defines that researches must link to the demands of training, teaching of the university and society. Many projects targeted for protection of health for soldiers and people such as: Development of occupational military medicine to improve the adaptation capability of soldiers at various working conditions and prevention of occupational diseases. Research products of VMMU have been widely accepted and used at many medical institutions in Vietnam.



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