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1. Hospital 103: is a first-class general hospital with many departments of highest levels of treatment in the military. The hospital has been always actively and creatively searching and finding short-cut for approaching medical advancements in the regionally and internationally; excellently fulfil all missions of patient enrolment, emergency service and treatment. Each year the hospital examined hundreds of thousands of patients; performed dozens of thousands of cases of emergency, treatment and operations; performed millions of laboratory tests and transfused safely millions of millilitre of blood

Besides that, ach year the hospital conducted health examination, consultation and provide free of charge medicine and gifts for dozens of thousands of injured soldiers and social subjects in the remote areas.

2. The Lê Hữu Trác National Institute of Burn: each year examined, received and treated new burns and burn consequences as well as other wounds for thousands of patients.

The burn institute has saved many burned cases up to 90% of body surface and 85% of deep burns and severe burn complications such as sepsis, acute kidney failure, respiratory tract burns, burns in patient having severe background diseases etc., that contributed to reduce the average number of hospitalized days from 18-21 down to 14-16 days.

3. Centre for training and research on embryonic technology: is a renowned medical centre for quality, effectiveness in IVF and assisted fertilization.



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