Breakthrough Achievements in Professional Training, Sci-tech and Treatment Activities in Vietnam Military Medical University

6/20/2015 10:48:30 AM - As one of the Key National Universities, Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU) is well-known as one of the leading centers for medical-pharmaceutical training in our country. This “brand” has been nurtured, built over more than 65 years of construction, development and growth of our University. Particularly, in the last 5 years (2009-2014), VMMU has made impressive breakthroughs ... resolving the “development bottleneck".

Medicine , Doctors 103 Military Hospital for medical examination and free medicine for the people in Phu Tho Province

“To create trust and arouse enthusiasm in studying and learning for students, directorial board and head of departments in VMMU have analyzed, identified the "bottlenecks" and resolutely remove those "bottlenecks" in order to promote better performance of VMMU main duty: education and training", ahead of the 2009-2014’s Emulation Congress in VMMU, Lieutenant General, As/Prof. Ph.D Nguyen Trong Chinh, Secretary of VMMU Communist Party, Political Commissar of the VMMU shared with us.

A few years ago, VMMU leaders recognized there were many shortcomings between students and management staffs, because methods of personnel management was not appropriate and did not encourage the voluntary sense of discipline, learning and striving of students; direct influence on the academic records of students.

VMMU’s Standing Communist Party Committee instructed the Undergraduate Department’s Party evaluate, review each management staff of the class; Party Committees evaluate the pros and cons of each members and organize the meeting to learn from experience. VMMU Leaders has directly met, corrected, encouraged and rearranged some positions and trained professional, methodology, working style for managing staffs... Thus, the student management showed significant improvement. "The first impediment" has been "resolved".

The actual quality of the input of the VMMU is high, but the percentage of excellent students are reduced from 2nd to 6th year, which is what makes VMMU’s leaders concern. Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Chinh sincerely shared: "This is partly because students thought that there were fraudulent in examination, the other part because they think even they have good academic records, after their graduation, it is difficult to get to their desired work place, thus, they lack of determination to strive ".

The next “bottleneck” has been found! To resolve this, it is necessary to supervise the examination more strictly.

Colonel , As. Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Tuan , Head of Education and Training Department,  (VMMU) said: Many concrete measures have been implemented to combat fraudulent in examinations, such as: actively educate students to fully understand the examination rules; VMMU clearly notify study, test and exam at the beginning of the school year, so students can actively learn, study, avoid violating the exam regulations; organize the curricula final exam, graduation exam using computer software, students draw the exam orders, exam tables, exam patient numbers, completely random on the computer, ensuring fairness and transparency; oral exam, test results must be publicly declare on the day of exam, essay examination results must be announced within a week, on the intranet and in the classes.

In addition, to be more opened and transparent, after each exam, students' test scores have to be sent simultaneously to four divisions such as Education and Training Department, Department of Testing and Quality Assurance of Education, Professional Department, Student Management Department; before graduation, students' transcripts are sent to the student management systems for students to check their own results and their classmates’ results, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, questions ... And one of the important measures is the firmly, sternly punishment to all cases of exam and test violations from VMMU...

Together with that, VMMU leaders, commanders has regularly held a dialogue with students, timely understand the thoughts and aspirations of the students; timely encourage learning, studying spirits of students; inform the opportunities and criteria for students to be selected by VMMU or other big military hospitals after their graduation for with good and excellent students in 6 years.

Through such practices, the confidences and enthusiasm of students have been improved remarkably, the results clearly showed year by year. In 2013, VMMU had 270/271 graduates (account for 99.63%), with 80.07 % of good- excellent results (4.8% excellent graduated students), 0.37 % failed, in 2014, VMMU had 254/254 graduated students (100%), with 82.28 % good and excellent (including 7.08% of excellent graduated students).

Understand that lecturers play a determinative role in education and training, in the past few years, together with self-training, VMMU also sent lecturers abroad for training course in foreign countries such as Cuba, China, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Japan ... Until now, 86.97 % of lecturers in VMMU are postgraduate.


As all of us still remember, early in March this year, Vietnam medicine has made a big step, marked by a simultaneous successful transplant of pancreas and kidneys from brain-dead donor, firstly performed in Vietnam by VMMU’s doctors. Earlier, in 2010, VMMU had also successfully carried out the first human heart transplant from brain-dead donor. It is the result of big national scientific projects, such as: "Study on experimental pancreas transplant to be a premise for human pancreas transplant in Vietnam" and "Research on simultaneous transplant of pancreas and kidney from the brain-dead donor" ; or "Research on human heart transplant from brain-dead donor"

General Phung Quang Thanh, Member of the Politburo, Minister of Defense , visited and encouraged the first successfully simultaneous transplant of pancreas and kidney in Vietnam , May 3-2014.

Major General, Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Luong, deputy director of VMMU, said: In scientific research, VMMU has always done well the motto "leapfrog". Thus, VMMU is always the “pioneer” university to successfully apply the techniques, novel and advanced medicinal technologies in the world, such as liver, heart, kidneys transplantation, and endoscopy; received the Ngoc Linh ginseng biomass technology transfer from South Korea ... and most recently is the dioxin assay using DR - CALUX has been carried out successfully in VMMU….

Scientific and technological cooperation is one of the most important focuses in the past 5 years and has made breakthrough achievements. VMMU has collaborated with local and international hospitals in transplantation, vessel intervention, drug preparation and production ; organized scientific conferences with international experts on military medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceutical preparations, immune and organ transplantation, burn treatment; cooperation in education, training and scientific research with foreign countries and currently, VMMU are carrying out 7 international protocol with Korea, Japan and Malaysia…These international collaborations have produced 37 Ph.D for VMMU.

Trusted address

It is the words of many patients treated in Military Hospital 103, National Institute of Burn Le Huu Trac, or IVF Research and Training Center (VMMU), because these addresses patients can rely on, to receive the health, life and happiness. Thus, the letters of appreciation from patients and their family to VMMU hospitals are common. And this is the letter of Mrs. Le Thi Thanh, born in Thieu Hoa (Thanh Hoa), whose son Le Ngoc Thong had been treated in Military Hospital 103 with his brain rupture: "My child was admitted to the hospital while his parents and relatives hadn’t arrived. With a heart of gold and talents of Dr. Vu Dinh Hoe and doctors, nurses, my son was rescued, operated timely and overcome the serious injury ... Military Hospital 103, my son was second time born by Dr Vu Dinh Hoe and the doctors and nurses in surgery team.

Read the messages, we understand more deeply the words of Major General Nguyen Trong Chinh: "VMMU has always implemented carefully and strictly the perspective, teaching ethic and morality of a doctor before teaching professional subjects"


Doctors, Nurses from Military Hospital 103 gave free medical examination and medicine for the people in Phu Tho

Along with the building up of medical ethics and anti-corruption in the examination and treatment, in recent years, Military Hospital 103, National Institute of Burn Le Huu Trac  and IVF Research and Training Center further successfully applied many advanced techniques, modern technology in treatment such as open heart surgery, laparoscopic surgery, vessel intervention; respiratory endoscopy in diagnosis and treatment of burn, digestion; cultured sperm, in vitro fertilization ... and are continuing to perfect and develop the techniques of organ transplantation, burn treatment, In Vitro Fertilization to put those techniques into routine treatment and step by step reach the regional and international level. From 2009 to present, VMMU hospitals and center have carried out the examinations for more than 1 million people; admitted and treated for more than 400 thousand patients ... In addition, Military Hospital 103 also regularly send doctors and nurses to work at the Spratlys (Khanh Hoa), doing the examination and treatment for soldiers and civilians on the island, which has saved many soldiers, fishermen from serious illness or accident…

Talking about teachers - physicians of VMMU, people in Northern Provinces, especially the mountainous provinces, reminisced the white blouses traveled to the remote, rural areas, help people eradicate diseases. Only from 2009 to the end of September this year, VMMU and its divisions have organized 132 healthcare delegations to give free examination, drugs for nearly 70 thousand people in the Northern provinces, makes a good impression of physician - teacher in a National Key University on the soldiers and the local people.

Writer, Photographer: PHẠM HOÀNG HÀ

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