The Vietnam Military Medical University held the first national scientific conferences on Toxicology

3/20/2015 11:07:36 AM On March 6th , 2015 the VMMU along with the Vietnam Society on Toxicology held the first national scientific conference on Toxicology.

Major General, Prof. Dr. Do Quyet, Director of the Vietnam Military Medical University, delivered the opening speech.

Delegates attending the conference were representatives of Ministry of Health; representatives of hospitals throughout the country; leaders, officers, teachers, doctors, researchers of the VMMU; and many domestic and international Scientists working in Toxicology.

The conference was a forum for sharing scientific information among domestic and international scientists, in order to expand and strengthen mutual cooperation, to contribute to translating the achievements of toxicology studies into specific solutions and products serving the human and our environment.

The Vietnam Society on Toxicology (VST) was founded at the end of 2014. Speaking at the opening of the conference, Major General, Prof. Dr. Do Quyet, the Diretor of the VMMU congratulated the birth of the VST - where is the concentration of wisdom and experience of national scientists in the research field of toxin, poison prevention and treatment for both the human and the environment.

Major General, Prof. Dr. Do Quyet said: “in medicine, it often says "use toxins to treat intoxication "; many drugs we are using in prevention and cure are toxins; many of which are natural toxic substances from poisonous plants or animals having venom.” The VMMU has the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research Center, the Poison Control Center, and some other departments that have currently deployed some research projects in the field of toxicology and constantly been expanding the cooperation with other domestic and foreign research teams.

Major General, Prof. Dr. Do Quyet expressed the wish that in the forthcoming period, toxicology researchers in Vietnam will have more accomplishment of anti-toxin products and natural toxin-adapted drugs.

Although the conference was the first time, the conference gathered 18 scientific reports, including 6 review lectures and 12 reports belonging to the research groups from some major research centers in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City such as: the Poison Control Center, the VMMU; the Military Institute of Preventive Medicine; the Poison Control Center - Bach Mai Hospital; FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City; the Food Safety and Hygiene Department-The Ministry of Health, etc.

The scientific reports presented at the conference were a real picture of poisoning, toxic agents, researches of anti-toxin drugs and herbal medicine from natural toxins. Typical scientific works were: The burden of environmental chemistry, risk of reproductively and diseases of free radicals; researching on manufacture of biological anti-tumor products from Malayan snake venom; poisoning  of toxic mushroom and mycotoxin in Vietnam: situation, agents and some intervention measures; manufacturing anti-diabetic drug based on heart toxins of snake venom; manufacturing rapid test detecting cholera toxin; manufacturing rapid test detecting northern snake venom; lead poisoning: data and experience, etc.

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