103 Military Hospital: Many miracles of curing soldiers and civil.

3/23/2015 3:09:00 PM

People’s Army Online -103 Military Hospital (VMMU) was solemnly celebrated Vietnamese’s Doctor Day (27-2-1955 / 27-2-2015) in the afternoon 27/2 in Hanoi. Major General Prof. Do Quyet, Director of the VMMU; Lieutenant General Prof. Nguyen Trong Chinh, political commissar of the VMMU attended the meeting.

Major General, Prof. Hoang Manh An, director of the 103 Military Hospital has a speech reviewing traditional 60th Vietnamese doctor’s day and 65 years of traditioal anniversary of the Hospital.

Attending the celebration was crowded with People’s physician, excellence physicians, People's Teacher, excellence teachers; former hospital commander; the Comrades in the Party and Board of directors; representatives of doctors and nurses, the patients being treated at the hospital.

At the celebration, Major General, Prof. Hoang Manh An, director of the 103 Military Hospital  has a speech reviewing traditional  60th Vietnamese doctor’s day and 65 years of traditioal anniversary of the Hospital.

On 27-2-1955, President Ho Chi Minh sent a letter of commendation to the health sector. Uncle Ho’s thoughtful notes are still remain worth after 60 years and  have become the guideline for the country's health sector in general and military medicine in particular as well as officials and medical personnel. In 1985, the Party and State has decided to take the annual 27-2 date is the Vietnamese’s Doctor Day, to honor merit and dedication of Vietnamese physicians in the career of giving service, health care to people in general, in the army in particular. This cause is very noble, sacred, importantly contributed to fulfill the protection and construction of the  beloved Motherland.

Engraved the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh, generations of physician, staff and soldier of 103 Military Hospital  has always transmit to each other the enthusiastic flame through 65 years of hard work, 65 years of dedication, and also 65-years of glorious victories. His teachings have helped the team of doctors and nurses in 103 Military Hospital did not regret their sweat and blood on the battlefield against France and the United States; They have made an effort to cure wounded, hard study how to avoid bombs and epidemic diseases for the troops and the people with the spirit of "All for the frontline victory". His word helped them non-stop learning, good teaching and good treatment so that they take firm steps to create a miracle that remains in the heart of everybody and in  the yellow radiant history of the hospital and institute despite many difficulties, shortages of equipment.

Until now, the hospital has been gradually investing more spacious, modern equipments and more synchronization with the basically trained staff. The hosptital is now to be built to a new level. During examination and treatment, the Board of directors often care for, directing and implementation to meet the increasing needs of patients, while ensuring quality and meeting  the requirements for diversity of diseases for training and scientific research. The basic indicators of treatment has gained from 130% to 150%. Every day over 1,000 people examined, 1200 -1300 regular patients of treatment. In 2014, 342110 were examined, of which 61119 emergency arrivals (compared with the year 2013, an increase of nearly 17%); hospitalization reached 44.305 (up 6.3% compared with 2013). The average of treatment days in 2014 fell to 10.24 days, the bed occupancy rate: 254.21% (up 5%); 16170 surgical cases (nearly 6% increasing), of which type 1 accounts for 10 432 cases.

On this occasion  the Party and Board of Directors presented flowers and gifts for 7 comrades to be promoted to associate professors and professors in 2014.

Photos and news by Duy Dong

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