Vietnam Military Medical Academy (VMMU) received the title Hero of People s Armed Forces

3/10/2015 4:18:15 PM

PAM Online – in the morning of 10 March, VMMU held a ceremony to receive the title of Hero of People s Armed Forces over the period of the war ofresistance against the French (1949-1954). This is a prestigious award of the Party and State conferred to the VMMU for special achievements in educational training, scientific research, care and protection for both soldiers and people’s health.

General Phung Quang Thanh, Member of the Politburo, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission, Minister of Defense and Armed Forces,pinned the title of Hero of People's Armed Forces on its “Determined to Win” military flag and awarded the certificate to the University.

General Phung Quang Thanh, Member of the Politburo, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission, Minister of Defense and Armed Forces, pinned the title of Hero of People's Armed Forces on its “Determined to Win” military flag and awarded the certificate to the University.

General Phung Quang Thanh, pinned the title of Hero of People's Armed Forces on its “Determined to Win” military flag and awarded the certificate to the University.

Attending the ceremony were the leaders and agencies, units under the Ministry of Defense; Commanders and leaders from academies, schools and hospitals in and outside the military; leaders, commanders of units under the control of VMMU throughout ages/periods; Heroes of People's Armed Forces,Heroesof Labor; the comrades in the Party, the Board of Directors and the majority of cadresand staff of VMMU.

The participants of the ceremony

The speech by Major General, Prof. Dr. Do Quyet, Director of the VMMU, stated: From 1949 to 1954, Vietnam Military Medical School (which is now calledVMMU),trained four courses of nearly 400 comrades of military physician.Despiteuntold challenges and hardships during the period of resistance against French colonialism with a lack oftraining facilities for physician practicing to rescue military teams, generations of officials and faculties of the Academy successfully completed all tasks, greatly contributed to the common victory of the peoples in the war ofresistance against the French invasion.Teachers and students of the School, who came from the People, fought for the People. Also, they dedicated their entire strength, wisdom and courage for the struggle of national liberation and national defense.

At that time, the features of Military Physician School are fighting, ensuring its healthcare mission andteaching, as well as doing research. In order to ensure the training missions to match with the real conditions of wounded and sick soldiers on the battlefield, as well asto prepare to serve the campaign, right from its formation, the School has always been implementing proactive research on variety types of diseases, focusing on the use of local medicinal resources, finding medicinal herbs that treat infected wounds, surgical treatment of diseases, complex wounds, anti-shock techniques ... From campaigns to campaigns, teachers of the School still were plying their teaching anytime, anywhere, in any terrain, despite the difficult conditions and hardships. Generations of military soldierdoctors successively graduated from the Military Physician School to servedifferent types of campaigns such as Trung Du, Hoang Hoa Tham, as well as campaigns of NorthWest, East Spring 1953-1954 ....

From the War of Resistance against America to the great victory of 1975SpringCampaign, the liberation of the South andcountry reunification, military physicians fromPhysician Military School shared joys and sorrows to overcome through all the trials and hardships. They were both teaching and studying, both combating and serving military combats. Days and nights, they rescued woundedand sick soldiers across the battlefields, and many of them laid down for the country.

Up till now, with nearly 3,000 officials and employees, including over 85% of staff and lecturers with tertiaryqualifications, 12 professors, 92 associate professors and more than 100 doctors, nearly 8,000 students, VMMU is one of the leading training and research centres of the army and the country as well. In particular, up to now, the University has completed almost 6,000 scientific research, technical innovation and improvement, many of which are at levels of State and Ministry ofDefense. Many significant research, containing practical applications, have played an important role in the development of domestic medicine and the quarantine of the country's defense and security.

Notably, VMMU is one of the health facilities which has conducted successfully applied studies ofthe essence of traditional medicine, of advanced techniques, of modern medicine in the world such as methods offertility support, in vitro fertilization, sperm culture, cell biomass, stem cell culture, intervention techniques, endoscopic ... and especially with four times ranked as the pioneers in the field of transplant organs ....

With its outstanding achievements, VMMU has been honored by the State Party and awarded with many honors, Golden Star Order, Ho Chi Minh Order, the Independence Order, First Class Military Medal and a number of other prestigious awards ....

On behalf of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defence, General Phung Quang Thanh congratulated and praised the outstanding achievements that VMMU haddevoted to the country over the past years. The General stressed: In the future, to ensure that training missions and to provide manpower for the army in particular and the health sector in general, meeting the requirements of the national construction and defense in the new situation, VMMU should constantly improve the quality of teaching, pay attention tohuman resource development in the direction of approach to and integration with the advanced level of science and technology and education systems world; record significant development in the fields of training, scientific research and treatment. In particular, the University should focus on its training military medical staff qualified with military medicine, in order to meet the revolutionary tasks in the new context.

General Phung Quang Thanh said at the ceremony

General Phung Quang Thanh also specifically noted that VMMU officers and staff should master the motto of ‘Vocational training coupled with people education’ which tie the transmission of knowledge andequip expertise with building up political quality and professional trainees. Here, General Thanh encourages VMMU staff officers to follow the examples of previous generations of ethical and moral conscience of the physicians - Uncle Ho's soldiers;to continue having  outstanding dedication for the development of military medical sector as well as the health sector of the country.

The comrade Defense Minister also required: With its position as the leading medical center of the army and of the country, scientific research work of the University must be accelerated in both quality and effectiveness. The University should promote and furtherly enhance the quality of research and development of science, technology, creating incentives for development, improving the quality and effectiveness of training tasks, treatment. In particular, the VMMU should focus on developing military medicine besides some key subjects of basic medical and clinical medicine to do a better delivery serve to the soldiers of each armed service and branch..

The comrade Defense Minister expressed his belief that, in the future, with the glorious tradition of a unit which has achieved Hero Award for 3 times, itsrecruited teachers, doctors and students with outstanding achievements in education, scientific research and therapy, VMMU will deserve to be a national key university, a prestigious medical center of theStateand the military; better fulfilthe missions assigned by the Ministry of Defense and the Medical Branch;  is worthy of trust, love of the Party, the State, the Military and the people.

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