The new academic school year 2015-2016 at Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU)

9/15/2015 7:29:50 AM

VPA Online – in the morning of the 13 of September, VMMU held a solemn ceremony of the new academic year, 2015-2016. Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan attended.

Major General, Prof. Dr. Quyet Do, the Director of VMMU spoke at the ceremony.

Military Medical Academy is a center of training, scientific research and treatment for both military and nationwide scale. It is also one of 17 universities across the country has built up its own image to become a national leading university. The university is always a leading training centre attracting not only domestic students but also international students from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Germany, etc.

Over many years, the Academy has provided the military and country with a force of intelligentsia with a high level of medical-pharmacy quality. Besides, the Academy has made a great contribution to the domain of scientific research. As a result, many pioneering scientific studies with highly valuable and practical scientific have been published such as liver transplant, kidney transplant, heart transplant, the first case of multi-organ transplantation (pancreas-kidney) in Vietnam from donors with dead brain. Since its establishment, the Academy has got nearly 90,000 graduated officers and health workers, including 835 doctorates, more than 8,000 masters, specialist physicians, resident physicians, more than 25,000 general practitioners and graduate pharmacists and over 55,000 medical-pharmaceutical staffs.

Speaking at the ceremony, Major General, Prof. Dr. Quyet Do, the Director of VMMU confirmed: In the last school year, with the spirit of unity, enthusiasm and promotion of collective intelligence, actively overcoming difficulties and a great effort of fulfilling duties of office staff, lecturers, physicians, students, VMMU has successfully completed all tasks and greatly achieved overall excellence on all fields.

In educational and training tasks, the University has continued its fully comprehensive reforming program, particularly in focusing on the content of military and clinical medicine; in promoting the innovation of teaching methods which are able to initiate learners’ creativity and activeness; in applying the methods of active teaching with the integration of teaching facilities such as: clinical illustration with typical video cases, live broadcasts of surgeries, etc; in strengthening clinical study examination at hospitals both in and outside the army.

In scientific research, the academy has focused its research on establishing the research trend with the  application of advanced and modern technology;  on  military medical-pharmacological field as well as crucial scientific programs of  our nation in new period and basic research. In the last academic year, the university has developed 49 topics, science projects, including 3 theses acceptance at State level, 6 theses and projects at Military of Defense level, 13 theses at branch level and 16 ones at institute level.

During the treatment service, the  university has always focused on the improvement of the quality of healthcare, treatment, emergency service and the development of technical expertise in two practice hospitals (Military Hospital 103, Le Huu Trac National Burn Institute) and Embryo Technology Center. Besides, the Institute has also successfully applied many new technologies, modern diagnosis and treatment; well implemented resolutions on ethics, anti-negative phenomenon; focused on fostering and improving qualifications, ethics, responsibility, morale, service attitude and patient care for staff members. As a result, patients and families have expressed their highly appreciation, trust and love.

At the ceremony, Vice President Thi Doan Nguyen congratulated the outstanding achievements of VMMU in recent years. Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan stressed that the national industrialization, modernization as well as international integration have strongly needed a fundamental and comprehensive innovation from education system. In order to create a human resources with high quality, in the future, VMMU should impliment a stronger innovation in terms of content, teaching methods, particularly pay attention to teaching with mordern modelings and facilities to maximize creativity, exploration of learners. Besides, the Academy needs to push up scientific research to enhance applications in the hospital, to asist the service of treatment, emergency aids, prophylaxis treatment for patients, and to create an "echo" as well as trust and respect from patients.


A View of 2015-2016 Academy Year Ceremony

 The group of female military medical students parading across the stage.


 The group of international students parading across the stage.

News and photo: Nguyen Thao
Translators: Tuyet Mai

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