Blood donation – A noble gesture

12/5/2017 9:17:52 AM

Vietnam Military Medical University: The Vietnamese are honorable and willing to share bread and butter. However, let the sharpen and cold needles poke through the flesh and take away the precious drops of blood, not everyone can do it. Blood donation is a noble gesture of each citizen to the human community, a deeply humanistic activity. Life is giving and receiving back. When we give the precious drops of blood, we will receive many other beautiful things.

Trainee in Civil Management System participate in blood donation

To promote the precious tradition of our nation, “Do as you would be done by”, “The good leaves cover the ripped ones” and respond to the movement of people participating in voluntary blood donation, on 29/9/2017 in Vietnam Military Medical University, Military Hospital 103 co-operated with Youth Union of Civil Management System to organize voluntary blood donation to recognize the noble gestures of hundreds of students in the University.

With the spirit and enthusiasm of young people, who want to share and give the youth to the society, to help the people who are unfortunately suffer from severe illness, in the voluntary blood donation, there were hundreds of young people voluntarily registered to donate blood, not only the young students in the Civil System but the voluntary blood donation also recognize the good volunteer spirit of the students in Military System and cadres, staffs of Civil Management System as well. From the leaders to the public servants, all of them respond to the voluntary blood donation enthusiastically.

The noble gestures of the University’s youth, especially the youth unionists of Civil Management System with the willing spirit “Youths are present wherever they are need, wherever there are difficulties to cope with” have brought about 309 blood units to give patients of severe illness more opportunities to keep away from the Reaper. Thank you for the noble gestures of the University’s Youth, and hope that these activities will be spread in all of University’s Youth to bring about more living chances for the people who are looking for cures with voluntary blood.

News: QuocAnh; Translator: Kieu Van

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