Clinical Examination Techniques Seminar in 2018

8/10/2018 4:22:31 PM

VMMU: Implementing Directive No. 802 of the Academy’s Director on the organization of the annual clinical examination techniquesseminar and Plan No. 921/KH-CT dated 19/12/2018 of the Office of Political Affairs of the Academy. On May 12, Vietnam Military Medical Academy held a clinical examination techniques seminar in 2018. In attending, directing the seminar, there were Major General, Prof. Dr. Do Quyet, Director of the Academy, Major General, Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Luong, Deputy Director of the Academy; Major General, Pham Duc Tho - Vice Chancellor of the Academy, leaders, commanders of departments and nearly 1,200 students.

Clinical examination techniques seminar in 2018

From 10/3 to 30/4, the training management systems organized a clinical examination techniques seminar from the level of the delegation to the grassroots union with a total of 113 groups participating in the seminar (including 82 groups at the union level, 31 groups at the system level) of 18 unions coming from 3 junior delegation and international system. In 2018, the Academy continues to implement some innovations in contents and the manner in holding the seminar is: Organizing for the groups to draw randomly –the Subjects – Faculties participate in practice test for  100% actual patients, the board of examiners is appointed by the Director of the Academy.

Speaking at the Seminar, Major General, Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Luong, Deputy Director of the Academy emphasized: the seminar is to assess the quality of training and ability to cognize and practice clinical examination of students in the academy, thereby supplementing, adjusting the contents of management methods, teaching programs and clinical studies for students. Over the past time, the quality of learning in clinical subjects of the Academy has been adjusted in terms of content, programs in the direction of organizing theoretical learning, increasing clinical practice time for students. As a result, the students know how to examine and describe the symptoms of disease diagnosis, when they graduate, and apply their knowledge to practical examination and treatment of patients in the medical facilities inside and outside the Army and then are appreciated. However, in the practice of clinical subjects of the students in the past, there are still some limitations; Some students are not sure about technical procedures for examination, not understand and evaluate the symptoms in the diagnosis ...

Participating in the Seminar in 2018, there are 11 outstanding student groups selected through the seminar at the grassroots level in blocks of military system students, civilian system students, international system students ... The technical groups join the seminar with the good psychology, completing the good contents and questions asked by the Board of Examiners and judged by the Board of examiners to achieve good results and quality.

Groups of students attending the clinical examination test in the seminar

At the end of the Seminar, the Board of Organizers awarded 01 First Prize to technical group Vu Anh Dung, Ha Van Huy, Le Thi Van Trang in Company DHY48A, System 4 with the techniques "Examination and detection of underlying reflex disorders" two 2nd prizes for the technical group Nguyen Tran Hai Anh, Nguyen Quynh Lien, Phung Minh Hieu, Class DY14A1, Civil Student Management System with the techniques "Check for signs of drawer" and technical group Phung Thi Phuong Thao, Nguyen Quoc Dat, Tran Thanh Duc, Company 47DHY47A, System 2 with the techniques "How to examine and the meaning of the signs: Bouveret, Hungry yoke, Blumberg, Ludlow, Runggan"; three Third Prizes for the technical group Chhay Dollar Technician, Sovan Tongleap, Phok Sovan DHY48K, International System with the techniques: "Technical steps for peripheral examination"; Khong Hanh Nguyen, Trinh Thuy Dung, Do Thi Nhan DY13A2, Civil System Management System with the techniques "Examination of symptoms of nerve paralysis 7"; Bach Thi My Ha, Cao Ngoc Tuyen, Tran Hoang Cuong, Company DHY48B, System 4 with the techniques "How to find a large kidney".

Nguyen Anh Tuan – Board of Youth; Translator: Do Thu Hanh

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