103 Medical Hospital Organized “Hand Sanitizing Campaign”

9/11/2018 9:31:00 AM

VMMU: To effectuate the guideline of the board of the directors about increasing the forces on Infection Control phase 2018-2020, 103 Medical Hospital organized a “Hand Sanitizing Campaign” for the entire hospital staff in order to celebrate the 70th-year Anniversary of VMMU on the 31st of May 2018.

Colonel and PhD Associate Professor, Nghiem Duc Thuan (Hospital’s Vice Director)



Attending and coordinating the ceremony were Colonel and PhD Associate Professor, Nghiem Duc Thuan (the Hospital’s Vice Director), the Head of the Nursing Department, the Head of the Infection Control Department, the Head of the Coordinating and Planning Department, the Logistics Department, the doctors and nurses of the hospital.

During the event, Colonel and PhD Associate Professor, Nghiem Duc Thuan emphasized the importance of how correct hand sanitization could help patients reduce the risk of infection while they are at the hospital, increase the recovery rate, decrease the treatment costs, etc. The purpose of this campaign along with the extra training was to provide our fellow doctors and nurses with further knowledge and field practice such as the normal ways of hand sanitizing, washing with soap and pre-surgery sanitizing procedures.

A few pictures from the “Hand Sanitizing Campaign”

Description: escription: http://www.benhvien103.vn/hinhanh/baiviet/2018-06-07_084

Trainees in ‘Hand Sanitizing’ 

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Colonel and PhD Associate Professor, Kieu Chi Thanh - Head of Infection Control Department was presenting ‘Information on Hand Sanitizing and Pre-Surgery Washing Procedures’

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Competition and Exchange in Hand Sanitizing with Soap Practice

Description: escription: http://www.benhvien103.vn/hinhanh/baiviet/2018-06-07_084

Closing session on Hand Sanitizing – Professional Nurse of AM10 Department, Pham Hai Yen received the First place

Translator: Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai



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