Vietnam Military Medical Academy held the rehearsal at the end of the course for military doctors

9/27/2018 7:28:53 AM

People's Army Online - On the morning of April 20, the Vietnam Military Medical Academy held the rehearsal at the end of the course for military doctors, postgraduate and medical training students with the title: Infantry Regiment combats the enemy in mountainous areas, deploys the assurance of military medicine at tactical level. Attending the rehearsal, there were soldiers in the Party Committee, the Board of Directors with more than 700 doctors, nurses, masters of military medicine.

Emergency services for wounded soldiers at military medical stations.

Colonel, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Truong Giang, deputy director of Vietnam Military Medical Academy, head of the executive committee, said that in the rehearsal, the students were practicing the duties of the regimental medicine chief and station chief of medical station in the regimentation, topography, terrain to deploy the functional parts of the station in the field; Next, the trainees were given the responsibility of each staff position of the station. Specifically, the trainees organized the reception, classification, salvage and transportation of war invalids and diseased soldiers in mountainous terrain; And then, applied professional knowledge to the practice of deploying infantry medical stations to organize the salvage and transportation of war invalids and diseased soldiers. Particularly, attending the rehearsal, the trainees also had the opportunity to foster and improve the ability to apply the knowledge of military medicine learned in the practice of repairing, transporting wounded soldiers in the war and ensuring the line to the military medical team, battalion, regiment and division ...

Learning experience after finishing the rehearsal, Major General, Prof. Dr. Do Quyet, Director of Vietnam Military Medical Academy praised the forces participating in the rehearsal and stressed: With the spirit of urgency, the rehearsal was well prepared; The training contents have achieved the objectives and requirements set out; The training process has ensured absolute safety of personnel and technical equipment. Each training content, each location deployed to examine the wounded soldiers, sick soldiers, each situation in the rehearsal requires each student to study and create really. Through the rehearsal, the training of the academy was closely linked with the reality of combat, improving the ability to use the knowledge of officers and trainees learned in specific situations, the method of working command for military medical officers. Besides, Prof. Dr. Do Quyet also asked the units to draw experience limited to the rehearsal in next year to achieve better results.

Online People’s Army recorded some pictures at the rehearsal. 


Many members attending the rehearsal


The director of Vietnam Military Medical Academy monitored the trainees in making the classification, handling the invalids

Transport of invalids to the stretchers


The doctors examined and classified the invalids


Transport of invalids to the military medical stations for emergency


Examination, emergency for the soldiers in the situation of chemical toxics


Examination, diagnosis for the invalids before deciding to operate

News, photos: VUONG THUY; Translator: Le Vien Lan Huong



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