VMMU organizes the professional training conference for Youth Union members in 2018

11/20/2018 2:40:36 PM

VMMU: On July 28, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Military Medical Academy held a professional training conference for Youth Union members in 2018. Attending the conference were Major General Pham DucTho, deputy political commissar of the Academy, and more than a hundred representatives from the VMMU Youth Union.

Major General Pham DucTho, deputy political commissar of the Academy, spoke at the conference.

At the meeting, Major General Pham DucTho said that VMMU had a large force of nearly 6,000 Youth Union members and youths, of which 90% are students. Young people of the Academy, as the leading force, always tried to overcome all difficulties to complete all tasks. Apart from the main task of studying and training, the youths of the Academy had been actively participating in the activities of the young people in not only the army but also nationwide, includingscientific research, creative competitions, blood donation campaigns, free medical examination and treatment for poor people and policy beneficiaries, people with meritorious services, as well as friendship exchanges with other units and organizationsin local area.In order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Youth Union in the coming time, Major General Pham DucTho suggested that the Youth Union members and youths continue to thoroughly understand the Resolution of the 11th National Union Congress and of the 9th of the Army and the Academy Congress. He also added that the Youth Union members and youths in the new period should be built up with strong political will and consistency with the ideal of national independence and socialism. They should also have a transparent life style, willingness and self-reliance, good solidarity and strict discipline.Besides, The Youth Union should build a strong, politically active, and creative organization in activities, and show good performancein functions and tasks. The Major General also urged the Youth Union to improve the quality and effectiveness of the activities of the Youth Volunteering campaigns, Blood Donation campaigns, charity activities, and friendship exchanging with universities and local organizations in the area.Major General Pham DucTho hoped that Youth Union members continue to use their enthusiasm, intellect, responsibility and creativity to complete the task of their units and to establish a transparent and strong Party and a comprehensive Academy./.

Translator: Nguyen Huong Tram Anh

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