The Academy held a meeting and presented gifts to the invalids and people who made meritorious services to the revolution at the Kim Bang Invalids Nursing Center. (25/10/2018)

HVQY: As part of a series of activities to mark the 71th anniversary of the invalids-martyrs day (July 27, 1947-July 27, 2018), to express gratitude to the invalids with contributions to the revolution as well as the moral "Let every man praise the bridge that carries him over" of the nation; On July 20, 1818, the delegation of the Academy headed by Major General Pham DucTho, deputy political commissar of the Academy visited, encouraged and presented gifts to the invalids, sick soldiers and people with meritorious services to the revolution at Kim Bang Invalids Nursing Center. 

103 Medical Hospital Organized “Hand Sanitizing Campaign” (11/09/2018)

VMMU: To effectuate the guideline of the board of the directors about increasing the forces on Infection Control phase 2018-2020, 103 Medical Hospital organized a “Hand Sanitizing Campaign” for the entire hospital staff in order to celebrate the 70th-year Anniversary of VMMU on the 31st of May 2018. 

103 Military Hospital – the pioneer in the field of kidney transplantation in Viet Nam (30/01/2018)

VMMU: In 1992, the first kidney transplant of Viet Nam was carried out successfully at 103 Military Hospital, Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU). Over 25 years, there has been significant improvement in kidney transplant techniques at 103 Military Hospital in particular and in Viet Nam in general. With the passage of time, the demands for kidney transplantation have increased dramatically; however, the number of donated kidneys has been limited. 

Blood donation – A noble gesture (05/12/2017)

Vietnam Military Medical University: The Vietnamese are honorable and willing to share bread and butter. However, let the sharpen and cold needles poke through the flesh and take away the precious drops of blood, not everyone can do it. Blood donation is a noble gesture of each citizen to the human community, a deeply humanistic activity. Life is giving and receiving back. When we give the precious drops of blood, we will receive many other beautiful things.  

Military Hospital 103 has recorded high achievement in Basic Surgical Team Contest for military hospitals 2017 in the North - Vietnam Military Medical University (08/11/2017)

Vietnam Military Medical University Towards the Basic Surgical Team Contest for military hospitals 2017 in the North, Military Hospital 103 has organized the build-up of force and and training plan from the last days of July. From 12 to 15/9/2017, the Basic surgical team of the Military Hospital 103 has participated in the Basic Surgical Team Contest for military hospitals 2017 in the North at the Sapper Technology Secondary school that held by the Ministry of National Defence. 

Vietnam National Institute of Burns launched the rush emulation movement. (10/10/2017)

Millitary Medical University: Together with the exciting emulation movement of the Party, people and the army to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the revolution of August and the National Day of September 2 nd; welcome the Congress of Representatives of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union IX of Military Medical Academy (2017-2022). 

The participation of nearly 400 cadres and youth union members in Military Medical Universityin the voluntary blood donation Day. (28/04/2017)

According to QĐND Online, in the morning of March 26, nearly 400 cadres and youth union members of the military department in Millitary Medical University participated in voluntary blood donation. The voluntary blood donation Day of the youth in the university is in the series of activities of Youth Month, which is organized to celebrate the 86th anniversary of the founding of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. 

General Ngo Xuan Lich paid a visit and gave presents to the patient experiencing a lung transplant at Vietnam Military Medical University. (07/04/2017)

Online VPA News – In the afternoon of March 5th, General Ngo Xuan Lich, Politburo member, Chief of the General Department of Politics, Minister of National Defense of Vietnam visited and gave presents to Ly Chuong Binh - the first Vietnamese patient experiencing a lung transplant from living donors at 103 Military Hospital - Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU). Lieutenant General Vu Van Hien, Chief of the Defence Ministry Office accompanied Minister on the trip. 

VMMU performed successfully the first lung transplant in human in Vietnam (17/03/2017)

Online VPA News - On 21 Feb, doctors at Military Hospital 103 – VMMU in collaboration with Japanese experts successfully performed lung transplant for Chuong Binh Ly, 7-year-old, from Bat Dai Son commune (Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province). Lung donators were his father and uncle 

Military Hospital 103 with the voluntary blood donation Day (09/03/2017)

VMMU: "Humaniterian Blood Donation" is a noble act, a noble gesture of the whole society. Just donate part of your blood, you can save a lot of people in danger of losing loved ones, friends, and first of all save the lives of patients in need of blood. 

Military hospital 103’s 2017 working contingent 2017 for Nam Yet and Spratly islands is on the way (08/03/2017)

VMMU: In the afternoon of 04Feb2017, Military Hospital 103 held farewell ceremony to staff leaving for Nam Yet and Spratly islands. Attending the ceremony were comrades in the Party committee and Hospital Board of Directors, heads of departments and units and family members of the staff. 

Applying advanced technology in Reproductive Assistance, Pre- implantation Genetic Diagnosis (02/11/2016)

In the morning on 19th of August in Hanoi, Embryo Technology Center (Vietnam Military Medical University) organized a scientific conference “Applying advanced technologies in Reproductive Assistance, Pre- implantation Genetic Diagnosis” 

Military Medical Academy has 4 successful organ transplants from brain-dead patient. (02/11/2016)

Military Medical Academy: On July 28th 2016, Military Medical Academy held the press conference to announce 4 successful transplants of heart, liver and kidney from brain-dead patient. 

103 Military Hospital performed medical exam and suplied free medicine to policy beneficiaries in HaDong district, Hanoi. (22/08/2016)

VMMU:Undertaking the plan of providing medical check-up, supplying free medicine and gifts to policy beneficiaries in the district of Ha Dong, Hanoi, which is a collaboration between Command deals and the 103 Military Hospital to celebrate 69 year anniversary of Wounded Soldier Day (27/07/1947 – 27/07/2016). 

Military Medical University – A Reliable Name for patients (15/04/2016)

VPA Online - Otolaryngology - Military Hospital 103 (Military Medical University) has a team of highly-qualified trainers, doctors, and nurses with full dedication and responsibility to their work. The Department has also been invested with modern equipments for examination, diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, over the past years, the unit has not only fulfilled its tasks in training and scientific research but also been a reliable name for patients. 

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