Opening the website of Military Institute of Clinic Embryonic Tissue (30/11/2018)

VMMU: As implemented under the Plan No. 304 / KH-KHQS dated 22/6/2018 approved by the Director of the Vietnam Military Medical Academy, in the afternoon on 06/9/2018, Military Institute of Clinic Embryonic Tissue held the opening ceremony and put the website of the Military Institute of Clinic Embryonic Tissue into use. 

Military Medical University and Military Industry Corporation – Telecom (Viettel Group) signed a memorandum of cooperation on information technology and telecommunications (20/11/2018)

VPA Online - On July 26, MMU and Viettel Group held a ceremony to sign a memorandum on cooperation in information and telecommunication technology. 

Launchingburns-oriented specialized classesfor Burmese students (27/09/2018)

VMMU: Implementing a cooperation program between the two armies of Vietnam and Myanmar, agreed by the head of the Ministry of Defense and the authorities, on May 29, 2018, VMMU solemnly held Launching burns-oriented specialized classes for Burmese students, at the National Institute of burns. 

Vietnam Military Medical University holds a postgraduate entrance examination in 2018 (11/09/2018)

VMMU: On May 12 and 13, 2018, Vietnam Military Medical University held the 2018 graduate entrance examination using the online test system for the 442 test takers, 14 subjects. 

Outstanding achievementsof Vietnam Military Medical University at the 18thMilitary Creative Youth Prize. (10/08/2018)

VMMU: On May 18th 2018, at Air Force Command, Ministry of National Defence organized a ceremonyto honour the most outstanding projects, products and initiatives at the 18thMilitary Creative Youth Festival. 

National Burn Institute warmly welcomed the Experts of University of Linköping, Sweden. (19/06/2018)

VMMU: With the agreement of the heads, on 12th March, 2018, the National Institute of Burns welcomed experts from the University of Linköping, Sweden to visit and work. The team consists of 4 experts: Professor FolkeSjöberg, Director of Burn Center, Hand Surgery; Experimental research Unit; Dr. Thomas Hansson, Head of Plastic and Hand Surgery; Dr. Pia Olofsson, Leader of Burn Surgery team; teachers of Disaster Medicine; Dr.MoustafaElmasry, Researcher of Burns, Plastic and Hand Surgery. 

Delivering the software testing system deploying applications in military units (18/06/2018)

VMMU: Implementing the instruction of the Head of the Academy, from March 13-14, 2018, the IT Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment organized the training and handed the Command 86 the software online testing system version 2.5 deploying applications in units in the Army. 

Using science to improve training and treatment (06/06/2018)

VietnamMilitary Medical University (VMMU) is the cradle of the military and the country in training doctors as well as performing the mission of healing people. The university’s name reminds people of advanced regional and international medical technologies. During the nearly 70 years, VMMU has always considered science and technology as the key, the driving force for development. 

Deloying the software application in service of N6B management. (10/03/2018)

VMMU: Implement the direction of Director of VMMU on the design, programming and implementation of N6B management software aimed at improving work efficiency; ensuring accuracy, objectivity and transparency. In the morning of 10/01/2018, the Office of the Academy coordinated with IT Department / Division of Planning and Organization to deploy the application of N6B home management software system. 

Application of software system for specialized foreign language tests (19/01/2018)

VMMU: Implementing the Director’s instruction to monitor designing, programming and applying specialized software system for foreign language testing, on 07/11/2017, Foreign Languages Department officially utilized the application of the software system in the examination of foreign languages. 

Conference on Nursing in the National Institute of Burns 2017 (27/12/2017)

VMMU: To promote the scientific research of nursing staff, pharmacists and high school pharmacists in the whole institute, contributing to improving the quality of epidemics and raising the professional status of treatment, on November 29, 2017, the National Institute of Burns has solemnly held the Conference on Nutrition in the National Institute of Burns 2017. 

Training and deploying the e-ining software system in service of command and control at the Office (21/12/2017)

VMMU: Implementing Plan No. 262 / KH-VP dated 29/9/2017 of the Office approved by the Director of the VMMU. On 02/11/2017, the Office and the Military planning department organized a training course on the use of the e-office software system for 62 comrades who are representative of the commanders, officers, staffs in charge of planning work of agencies and units under the Academy. 

Young Science and Technology Conference of Le Huu Trac National Hospital of Burn in 2017 (12/12/2017)

VMMU: To promote the role of young people's advancement into science and technology then contribute training, fostering young and dynamic human resources, and having the increasing demand for treatment, on 27 / 9/2017, National Hospital of Burn organized Young Science and Technology Conference of Le Huu Trac National Hospital of Burn in 2017. 

Blood testing for early detection of cancer: Vietnam approaching world level (15/09/2017) - The method of early detection of nasopharyngeal, nasal, and laryngeal cancers by a blood test conducted by the Military Medical University doctors has a sensitivity of up to 97% - unprecedented by any other methods available in Vietnam. Time to know the result is 2 days. 

Seminar on designing, programming and application of software systems for education and training (15/09/2017)

VMMU: On implementation of IT plan in 2017, on July 20, 2017, VMMU held the 4th annual workshop on IT work under the topic "Research on designing, programming and application of software systems for education and training. " 

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